Elect Erwin "Erv" Rud For Minnesota State Representative
District 1B

What can democracy do if people no longer feel that it works?

During this 2016 election cycle, people are the angriest they’ve ever been at government. Yet too many “patriots” continue to vote for those who won’t let government work. Their TEA-Party idea is to dissolve democratic government and allow free market corporate anarchy with no taxes, no regulations and 3rd world incomes for working people.

To get this, corporate anarchists manipulate elections by spending money to discourage voters. It has worked to elect TEA-Party Republican Deb Kiel. Election manipulation has also worked to get Mike Moore a DFL endorsement.

On August 9th, voters will have one more chance to correct the mistake of letting Moore get the DFL endorsement. On November 8th, they will have a chance to correct the other mistake and turn TEA-Party Republican Deb Kiel out of office.

But everyone needs to vote. Voting is as important as food on the table or gas in the car to get to work. It is the one thing that has the best chance of guaranteeing the others.

I am asking you to vote for my DFL primary endorsement and in the General Election as your 1B State Representative so I can go to St. Paul to protect our interests.

                                                                                                Erwin "Erv" Rud


On August 9th, 2016, endorse
Erwin "Erv" Rud
For a Responsible State Representative of
District 1B

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